Your free email planning template.

There’s no getting around it: email marketing is one of the best marketing channels if you’re looking to get bang for your buck. Done well, it delivers one of the highest ROI out there, bringing in $38 for every $1 spent.

But while there’s no denying email marketing is powerful, it’s also time-consuming. Between managing your social media, SEO and everything in between, it can be hard to sit down and build an email marketing planning template from scratch.

So, we’ve done it for you!

This handy email campaign planner template helps you organise your campaigns through the year. In it, you’ll find everything you need to plan your emails, track results and keep tabs on your A/B testing tools.

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How to use this free email campaign planner template.

The recipe for a strong email marketing campaign sounds simple: plan, track, and test. It’s essential to be strategic about what you’re sending, keep an eye on email campaigns examples and review your results regularly to see what can be improved.

To help do just that, you’ll find three handy sections in your email campaign planner template:

  • Email planning. Use this part to list out key details about your campaign, including your send date, topic, subject line, segmentation, and a link to the actual email.
  • Email results tracking. Plug in the number of emails sent and delivered from your email campaign manager, as well as opens, clicks and leads generated. The template will automatically calculate important email marketing metrics, like your open rate and click through rate.
  • A/B test plan and results. Keep tabs on any A/B testing you run on each email newsletter, including a summary of your key findings and next steps.

Ready to get started?

Download your free email campaign planner template here.



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