eBook: Digital display advertising for small businesses.

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Digital display advertising is everywhere. Even if you or your business have never created it, odds are you have had countless experiences with it.

Every time you visit a website and see banner advertising, along the top of the page, down the sides, or in the breaks between content, you are looking at display advertising. And even if you yourself have never clicked on one, you can be sure that many people do.

Display advertising has long been perceived as a tool exclusive to big brands with big budgets, but that’s not necessarily the case. Small businesses – even businesses owned and operated by just one person – are more than capable of creating an effective digital display campaign.

In this eBook, we take you through the benefits of display advertising and touch upon:

  • how digital display advertising actually works
  • the different pricing models, including CPC, CPM, and CPA
  • Australia’s interest and investment in digital display advertising
  • a run down of the types of ads you can use, and their sizes
  • tips on how to create effective display advertising (including what not to do)
  • examples of display advertising done well and advertisement ideas for small business
  • a guide on how to choose your audience for targeting
  • how to measure the success of your display advertising campaign
  • a brief to-do list for how to complete a successful campaign.

With the guidance you’ll find in this eBook and the tools you’ll receive in Yellow’s Digital Display package, you’ll have everything you need in order to start from scratch, from learning the basics of creating your first digital display campaign, to growing your business with this modern tool.

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Download your digital display ads eBook