Welcome to the Yellow Social Media Report 2020.

Over 2,000 Australian consumers and businesses have participated in this report, delivering clear insights on how SMBs can grow with social media.

Covering topics ranging from influencers to male vs female usage, the report details everything from purchasing decisions to responding to reviews on social.


56% of Australians use the internet more than 10 times a day.


The most popular place for Australians to check social media is at home (94%).


68% of people read online reviews or blogs to find out what other people think about products or services.

The reports

This year our survey sample increased from 1,516 to 2,012. Here are some areas the report explores.

Report - part 1:Consumer

How are Aussies using social media and is it mostly in the bedroom?! Is social media used more often in regional Australia or metro?  Find out how our nation uses social media here.

Report - part 2:Business

Do businesses believe social media increases their sales? What audiences respond to ratings and reviews as part of their purchase decision? Find out how to drive your business on social here.

Case study:Austrack Campers.

“Yellow has an expert understanding on targeting areas for more results. Plus their approach on content and post timing is all strategically based. There’s no guess work.” 

Austrack Campers director, Linden Lawson.

Case study:Lifestyle Patios.

“We don’t have time to run the social media aspect of the business so Yellow frees us up to work on our core business. We leave the plans to you guys as the experts.”

Lifestyle Patios office manager, Lee Sims.

Case study:Grand Auto Wreckers.

“Over the past 3 years our targeted Yellow Social Ads have produced a load of networking opportunities and lots of people ring us specifically from seeing the ads.”

Grand Auto Wreckers director, Anthony Norris.

Yellow Social Ads.

Designed to help small business get the most out of social advertising, the team at Yellow can create, target, implement and monitor a social advertising campaign to suit your business and budget.