Digital display ads – can they drive results for small business?

Display ads can be found everywhere you go across the internet. They offer effective ways to market your business and brand.

The real question for small businesses is, can they drive results? The unequivocal answer is yes, they can. If you want to be seen and discovered, they are the way to go, no matter your budget.

Learn more about digital display ads, how they work, the benefits and the results they can drive for your business.

Digital display example.

What is digital display advertising?

Those banner ads that pop up as you scroll through your favourite website, social media platform or app? Display advertising. The sleek advert as you watch a Youtube video? Display advertising.

There are a host of different types of digital display ads available and they span responsive, image, video, app promotion, shopping and more.

Simply put, digital display advertising is a range of ad formats, with striking visual elements. They can be seen across websites, apps, videos and more, found under in and around content as you browse.

How does digital display work?

So how does digital display work? It’s simple really. Businesses, large and small, buy ad spaces through providers, including Google, Bing and many more. Google AdWords is the most popular of them all and the Google Display Network reaches 90% of consumers who browse online.

You can target potential customers based on factors like interests, keywords and websites and apps you would like to appear on, as well as the usual demographic targeting, making it useful for whatever campaigns drive your business goals.

As setting up campaigns and display advertising typically requires some expertise you can utilise a provider that manages the entire process for you.

Whatever route you decide, the great thing about display ads is that they are relatively inexpensive to other forms of digital advertising and can allow you to get serious bang for your buck.

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The benefits of digital display.

With consumers inundated with advertising at unprecedented levels, cutting through the noise with smart, highly impactful and compelling advertising is a must. This is where display comes in and can be incredibly effective for small businesses.

Just as getting in front of your customers is critical, keepings people’s attention, maximising the number of people who see your ad, and focusing on relevancy to improve response to your ad is critical.

All of these measures are part of effective branding and connecting with your customer.  By allowing you to continually refine your messaging, as well placement and targeting display is especially beneficial to achieve your business goals and test new campaigns and offerings.

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By allowing you a larger pool of prospective customers and helping encourage customers to move through and buy your product, display advertising is a core component in any small businesses toolbox.

So, can display advertising drive results for small businesses? Absolutely. Looking to get started with digital display? Look no further. Typically used by larger businesses, display and awareness options are now open to smaller businesses through providers like Yellow Pages.

Yellow Pages offers an award-winning range of digital marketing products, including display, to fit your needs. If you are looking to be discovered online, take a look at our Digital Display packages and get started today.

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