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Marketing Jargon buster

  • Backlinks


    When a link from someone else’s website clicks through to your website, this is called a backlink. The more legitimate sites that link to your website, the higher Google ranks you in search results.
  • Bounce rate

    Bounce rate:

    The percentage of people who visited a page on your website and then left without taking a look around the rest of your site.
  • Broken link

    Broken link:

  • Content marketing

    Content marketing:

  • CRM

    CRM: (AKA – Customer Relationship Management)

    Also known as Customer Relationship Management – it’s simply the way you manage interactions with your customers. This could be via email, SMS or a good old fashioned letterbox drop.
  • Digital Display

    Digital Display:

    This is like advertising your business on a busy online highway. Also known as banner ads, they feature on popular websites like news sites or catch-up tv
  • eDM

    eDM: (AKA – Electronic Direct Mail)

    AKA electronic direct mail. Basically an email sent from your business to your customer database communicating anything from an offer to a change of business hours.
  • Hashtag


  • Key word

    Key word:

    A word or phrase that helps people find your web page when they use a search engine. Try using Google Analytics to work out the best keywords for your business.
  • Keyword Stuffing

    Keyword Stuffing:

  • Landing Page

    Landing Page:

  • Link Juice

    Link Juice:

  • Long tail keywords

    Long tail keywords:

    A group of keywords used to create cost effective SEM (search engine marketing). E.G. as an alternative to the highly competitive keyword ‘plumber’, a long tail keyword option could be ‘drain blockage specialist Brunswick’.
  • Metadata


    Basic metadata includes the title of your website page and the descriptive text below that appears on a Google results page.
  • UX

    UX: (AKA – User experience design)

    Design features that make it easy and pleasing for customers to use your website. This can include click through buttons, navigation bars and text layout.
  • Open rate

    Open rate:

    When you send an email campaign to your customer database, the open rate is the total number of emails your customers opened, expressed as a percentage of the total sent out.
  • Organic Search Results

    Organic Search Results :

  • PPC


  • ROI

    ROI: (AKA – Return on Investment)

    A measure of the amount of dollar return on a particular investment, minus the investment’s cost. Usually defined as a percentage.
  • SEO

    SEO: (AKA – Search Engine Optimisation)

    Search Engine Optimisation is when you use a number of practices to ensure your business appears in Google’s top - unpaid - search results.
  • Social Influencers

    Social Influencers:

    People with a large social media following, who are paid by brands (in $ or freebies) to create positive posts about their products and services.
  • Traffic


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