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Marketing Jargon buster

  • Organic Search Results

    Organic Search Results :

    Organic Search Results - what does this mean? These are the unpaid results Google displays after paid ads. Implementing SEO best practice will help you get to the top of organic search results. Fresh, relevant content Natural use of keywords and Link building
  • Link Juice

    Link Juice:

    Link Juice - What is it? A term used to describe the SEO value of a link to your website that is placed on an external website. The more relevant (to your website) and highly trafficked the external website is, the more value Google puts on your link. This is a very important factor for getting to the top of unpaid Google search results. 
  • ROI

    ROI: (AKA – Return on Investment)

    A measure of the amount of dollar return on a particular investment, minus the investment’s cost. Usually defined as a percentage.
  • Key word

    Key word:

    A word or phrase that helps people find your web page when they use a search engine. Try using Google Analytics to work out the best keywords for your business.
  • UX

    UX: (AKA – User experience design)

    Design features that make it easy and pleasing for customers to use your website. This can include click through buttons, navigation bars and text layout.
  • Metadata


    Basic metadata includes the title of your website page and the descriptive text below that appears on a Google results page.
  • Open rate

    Open rate:

    When you send an email campaign to your customer database, the open rate is the total number of emails your customers opened, expressed as a percentage of the total sent out.
  • Backlinks


    When a link from someone else’s website clicks through to your website, this is called a backlink. The more legitimate sites that link to your website, the higher Google ranks you in search results.
  • Social Influencers

    Social Influencers:

    People with a large social media following, who are paid by brands (in $ or freebies) to create positive posts about their products and services.
  • Digital Display

    Digital Display:

    This is like advertising your business on a busy online highway. Also known as banner ads, they feature on popular websites like news sites or catch-up tv
  • SEO

    SEO: (AKA – Search Engine Optimisation)

    Search Engine Optimisation is when you use a number of practices to ensure your business appears in Google’s top - unpaid - search results.
  • Bounce rate

    Bounce rate:

    The percentage of people who visited a page on your website and then left without taking a look around the rest of your site.
  • CRM

    CRM: (AKA – Customer Relationship Management)

    Also known as Customer Relationship Management – it’s simply the way you manage interactions with your customers. This could be via email, SMS or a good old fashioned letterbox drop.
  • eDM

    eDM: (AKA – Electronic Direct Mail)

    AKA electronic direct mail. Basically an email sent from your business to your customer database communicating anything from an offer to a change of business hours.
  • Long tail keywords

    Long tail keywords:

    A group of keywords used to create cost effective SEM (search engine marketing). Eg, as an alternative to the highly competitive keyword ‘plumber’, a long tail keyword option could be ‘drain blockage specialist Brunswick’.

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