Improve your small business marketing with these ChatGPT prompts.

You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT – nearly everyone has. Released in November 2022, the AI content-generating app attracted over 100 million users in just five days as it went viral on social media. Since then, ChatGPT has gone from strength to strength, with 180.5 million users worldwide and 100 million weekly visits to the website.

You can ask ChatGPT anything – to tell a joke, help write a well-constructed email or retell an event in history – and it will reply with an accurate, thoughtful and human-like response. While it has incredible potential for business owners, most are still figuring out how to use it effectively.

Where to start? ChatGPT can only give information based on the prompt you write. The more precise, detailed and specific your request, the better the content it will generate. Of course, it’s always smart to double-check any content produced by AI before you use it – these tools can be real time-savers but they’re far from perfect at this stage.

Here are some AI prompts to help you get the most out of ChatGPT.

1. AI marketing prompts.

With the right information, ChatGPT can generate clever and effective marketing material and strategic marketing plans, saving you hours of time and energy.

Here are some examples to use across different marketing mediums:

  • Social – Create a three-month social media campaign calendar for my product [insert product information] to [insert goal] and advise which channels we should focus on.’
  • SEO – ‘Generate a list of keywords related to my product [insert product information] that will help improve SEO.’
  • eDM – ‘Write an email subject line that will convince readers to switch to my product [insert product information].’
  • Paid ads – ‘Write a 30-word Facebook ad about my product [insert product information].’

Now, let’s look at some specific examples to illustrate how you can generate compelling marketing material and improve efficiencies by utilising AI prompts with ChatGPT.

In these examples we will also demonstrate how we can optimise these responses from ChatGPT by further defining various specifics, such as purpose, KPIs, audience and budgets.

ChatGPT prompts for social media marketing.

Prompt: ‘Create a three-month social media campaign calendar for my product [mortgage brokerage] to [increase brand awareness] and advise which channels we should focus on.’

Prompt: We then further define this strategy by providing ChatGPT with a prompt that focuses on our knowledge of our target market and then utilise this updated AI prompt to get a more specific response.

ChatGPT prompts for SEO.

Prompt: ‘Generate a list of keywords related to my product [gym training/personal training] that will help improve SEO.’

Prompt: We provided ChatGPT with a prompt that focuses on our local market to further define our keywords list and get a more specific response.

ChatGPT prompts for email marketing.

Prompt: ‘Write an email subject line that will convince readers to switch to my product [cleaning services Sydney CBD].’

Before asking ChatGPT to write an email subject line for you, it’s important to set the context for your email, which helps ChatGPT generate better results. Consider including information such as what you do, why you’re reaching out or your location in the subject line to provide more context for the email.

Prompt: We can even generate a complete email based on the selected email subject line with the right tone of voice.

ChatGPT prompts for paid ads.

Prompt: ‘Write a 30-word Facebook ad about my product [furniture store].’

Prompt: We can change the prompt to apply only to the sofas and return a more specific response.

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2. Sales and research prompts.

ChatGPT can help reduce research time by producing effective sales strategies and ideas.

Try these prompts:

  • ‘Generate a list of three compelling reasons our customers should buy [insert product].’
  • ‘Create a spiel for me to use when cold-calling customers about my product [insert information].’
  • ‘Act as a salesperson and market [insert product] to me.’

Let ChatGPT be your marketing teacher.

Let’s take the first example above to show how we can not only utilise AI to generate some great examples to be used in our copy-writing and sales strategies, but also how we can leverage ChatGPT to better understand the ‘why’ behind the response.

Prompt: We asked ChatGPT to generate a list of three compelling reasons customers should use our [plumbing service] and it also gave us a quick summary as to why it chose these three things.

This specific example shows how utilising effective ChatGPT prompts gives you some fantastic ideas and frameworks on which to build out your business’ copy or marketing material.

It also shows how you can continue to probe the AI tool to better understand the reasoning behind these answers, essentially providing you with the ammunition you need to scale these offerings and marketing material to other areas of your business.

3. Operations.

As well as helping market your business and coming up with sales strategies, ChatGPT can give insight into managing and growing your business.

Try these prompts to get started:

  • ‘What are the most important metrics for measuring the success of my business?’
  • ‘What is a good bounce rate for my website?’
  • ‘Can you tell me the best tools to use for budgeting?’
  • ‘How can I reduce costs and increase profitability in my business?’

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Get the most out of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is already a crucial tool for many business owners but its content is only as good as the information you provide. To get the most out of it, you need to write detailed, well-constructed prompts and give the tool as much information as possible. Get those right and ChatGPT could save you hours of time and effort in your business.

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