3 ways to simplify your social media marketing.

These days, social media marketing is a big enough task for a full time employee. From the variety of platforms to the variety of content types, the evolution of eCommerce via social media, and all of the interactions across each platform, it’s a ceaseless and ever-growing job.

And for many working in marketing over the past two years, social media has gone from ‘invigorating and challenging’ to ‘overwhelming’, as we all move to more online marketing than ever before.

For businesses currently struggling with the complexities and challenges of these platforms, it might be time to take steps to simplify your channels and find a happier balance between hard work and impossible work.

Here are three ways to simplify your social media marketing.

Evaluate where your audience is and stay there.

Over the past year or two, TikTok has exploded in popularity, surpassing social giants such as Reddit, Snapchat, and Twitter for monthly active users.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to jump on board.

Before signing up to every new social media platform and taking pains to stay active on existing ones, evaluate your key audiences and find out where they spend the most time. Age groups are usually the easiest differentiator, but interests and other demographics can help you narrow down the options.

In short, hold accounts and be active only where necessary, and don’t waste your time and resources on platforms that won’t help you connect to your audiences.

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Lean on chatbot AI.

A growing majority of social media users expect to be able to contact brands via social media, rather than more traditional methods such as calls and emails. One survey showed that 75% of Twitter users, 59% of Facebook users, and 34% of Instagram users had used these platforms to contact brands.

That’s a lot of time spent answering queries for social media marketers, and shows a genuine need for AI assistance.

Chatbot AI is well past its experimental stages and has become an invaluable tool for businesses on social media.

Set up an AI chatbot to deal with basic inquiries, for anything from store open hours to returns policies, contact information, and other common questions. These AIs can evolve and learn more answers in the future but we recommend passing on anything too difficult to a human in the meantime.

This can free up huge amounts of time while still responding to all customers. And, even if you can’t spare the time to respond if the AI is unable to, you can get the AI to direct queries to channels that work best for you (such as email or calls).

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Repurpose existing content.

One of the toughest parts about social media management is coming up with fresh content to share with audiences several times a week. But to simplify this task, don’t forget to repurpose and reuse existing content.

Here are a few ways to repurpose a simple blog:

  • Turn quotable lines into shareable images
  • Turn a how-to or listicle into a helpful short video
  • Reshare old content with an updated headline
  • Create mini infographics from blogs with interesting statistics
  • Create a poll based on opinions in the blog.

This will help you to get more out of your original work, all without having to redo the work from scratch.

Ask for help.

If your social media campaign ideas are all over the place, or your Facebook business management isn’t getting you the results you need, you can simplify and amplify your work by reaching out for help from the experts.

Yellow Pages can take your social media advertising off your hands to simplify your to-do list and ensure your platforms give you the engagement and returns you expect.

Contact Yellow Pages today to find out how we can help.

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