Your social media advertising glossary.

Lost in the jargon-heavy, acronym-filled world of social marketing? We can help.

Here’s our quick rundown of key terms you need to know:

Analytics: uses click-throughs, page-views or engagement to measure the performance of social content. Here’s a guide to the best free analytics tools to get you started

Algorithm: the set of rules a computer or program follows

CTR (click-through rate): how often a visitor clicks through from an ad to your site or landing page, divided by the total number of people who view the ad

Conversion rate: the percentage of browsers who respond to your ad

DM (direct message): a private message sent on a social platform

eBook: a long-form piece of content used to generate leads – like this one on social media advertising

Emoji: tiny cartoon images to show emotion

Engagement rate: how much customers have liked, shared or commented on a post

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format): a mini video clip used as a response or reaction online

Hashtag: a word or short phrase with a # to group posts on social channels

Impressions: the number of times users might have seen your ad

Native advertising: paid ads that look like non-paid content

News feed: the ‘home page’ where social media users see the most recent or relevant updates from friends, groups and brands they follow

Retargeting: a strategy to targets users who’ve already shown interest in your business or product by visiting your site or clicking on an ad

Story: series of videos or images with links, text, animated images and stickers, that disappears after 24 hours

Tag: these let you connect your posts to a person or business – they’ll be notified, and users can click through to their page or profile.

Thread: a series of comments on a post or on a website that make up a conversation. Clear as mud? Check out our Jargon Buster video for more insight.

UGC (user-generated content): blogs, posts, or videos created by social media users. Businesses can tap into this content by partnering with users or linking to relevant content. Take a look at our guide to user-generated content for examples.

Feeling more social savvy already? Download our free eBook: How to choose the right social media platform for your business to learn more.

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