You’ve created your CRM database. Now what?

CRM software can make a huge difference in your day-to-day customer relationship management. But it can be tough to know where to start.

If you’ve tested the waters and added your customer data to a basic CRM, the next thing is, what do you do with this database?

Start by asking yourself what you want to achieve from your customer relationship management.

  • Better communication with customers?
  • Turning leads into sales?
  • Cutting down on manual admin tasks?

Write a list of your current customer relationship roadblocks, what problems you want your CRM software to solve, and what quantifiable goals you’d like to hit.

1. Personalise your communications.

CRM tools help make it easier to see your customers as people rather than numbers. Customer-specific notes and user insights allow you to personalise your messaging and adjust your marketing strategies to increase relevance.

If you’ve thoroughly populated your CRM template, you can review your customers’ purchase histories to create targeted special offers based on each customer’s preferences and behaviours, and reward your highest-value customers.

With insights into customer spend at an individual level, you can provide incentives such as discounts or special offers to your most profitable customers to encourage loyalty. You can also leverage these customers for cross-selling opportunities to increase individual customer value.

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2. Set clear goals.

It’s critical to understand your business’ needs and goals before getting started.

Determine what you want out of your CRM system. Do you want your current customers to spend more per purchase? New customers? More brand loyalty so that they keep coming back time and time again?

Setting clear goals will help to guide your next steps.

3. Use the CRM tools that make life easier, not harder.

One of the huge benefits of having a CRM platform is the ability to automate repetitive tasks and cut down on manual admin.

For example, your CRM system might house all of your digital tools in one place, from social media profiles to your WordPress profile, so you can access everything in one central location. Put these to work to make your life easier.

Your CRM platform should definitely come with as much assistance as you need to help you learn and navigate the tools available, so make the most of this help whenever you need it.

4. Provide training and support to your team.

When rolling out a CRM platform to your team, it’s important to provide training on the ins and outs of the system and offer ongoing support in this new way of working. Unless you’re already familiar with the ins and outs of CRM software, ask your provider for assistance in bringing your team up to speed.

You want your CRM system to be a long-term tool to manage customer interactions, so it’s essential that your team is on board and knows how to use the system.

5. Stay on top of customer bookings.

Scheduling features in CRM software are useful for organising and staying on top of appointments and meetings. This allows you to include day-to-day admin, such as booking confirmations and reminders in your CRM system, so you have a clear view of all your customer interactions.

Be sure to set up your scheduling features from day one to stay on top of these appointments.

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