eBook: The small business guide to customer relationship management (CRM).

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Customer relationship management – usually referred to simply as CRM – is a key factor in any business, as it encompasses the system you use to handle all your interactions with existing and potential future clients and customers.

This system keeps you organised, pulling together all your customer information, tracking appointments, staying on top of invoices (both in sending them out and waiting for payments), and managing your email marketing campaigns.

Depending on which CRM system you use, you may even have access to more features such as appointment integration and calendar features, allowing you more flexibility and possibilities when dealing with your audience.

It’s a large and seemingly complex system, but with a few quick explanations, some how-tos, and a template, our eBook guides you from start to finish with not only what CRM is, but how to make it work for you.

By downloading this eBook, you will receive:

  • an explanation of exactly what CRM is and why it’s important
  • descriptions of each key CRM component
  • a free CRM template to use for your business growth
  • how to take the next steps once you have a CRM system in place
  • simple customer retention strategies you can implement with CRM
  • examples of CRM success stories.

We also offer an in-depth explanation of Yellow’s Pocket Office, our CRM app that helps you take control over your customer communications, and simplifies complicated tasks such as integrated bookings, invoicing, and calendar management.

At first, implementing a customer relationship management strategy can seem like yet another marketing acronym that feels like too big of a mountain to climb. But this eBook can help you find your feet, take one step after another, and you’ll be at the summit before you know it.

Download it for free today and enjoy the view from the top.

Download your free guide to CRM