The top 25 business directories to help you get found online

It will come as no surprise that four out of five people search online when looking for services or products from a local business. That’s why the importance of showing up in those searches can never be understated. And one of the best ways to show up in a local search is to be part of one of Australia’s top business directories.

There are over 300 business directories to choose from in Australia.

So how do you choose which one or ones to list in? This is not to be taken lightly as picking the wrong ones can actually damage your Google ranking.

Based on independent research, by SEO Copilot, that looks at real traffic value on Australian online directory sites – features at the top of their 25 Best Australian Business Directories for Local Search Rankings. For details on why this is integral to topping local Google search results and to see the complete list, check out their article here.





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