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If you want to get noticed online, taking advantage of all the features in your Yellow Pages Online listing is a great way to build your business’ online presence and target new customers.

In our free eBook, we guide you through the different tiers of a Yellow Pages Online listing and what each tier offers in terms of additional content.

We show you how maximising your content within the features provided by your listing increases:

  • Your chances of ranking above your competitors on Yellow Pages Online
  • The likelihood that customers will engage with your listing
  • The potential for leads to your business via phone call, email or quote requests
  • Your chances of ranking higher on Google and other search engines.

The eBook guides you through the details of:

  • Getting the basics right
  • Bronze (Foundation) listing
  • Silver (Advantage) listing
  • Gold (Professional) listing
  • Platinum (Professional Plus) listing
  • Tips for creating standout content
  • Yellow Pages Online add-ons.

Downloading this eBook will set you up with the foundations to create an effective and strategic Yellow Pages Online listing that helps you achieve your ultimate goal: growing your business.

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