Small business hero of the month – Advanced Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Centre.

It all started with $1100.

In 1999 Mark Hobden pulled together $1100 to open Advanced Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Centre. Today it’s a multi-million dollar business. This is thanks to hard work, great service and a huge leap of faith.

www. what?

When you’re not internet savvy (or even if you are!), spending substantial dollars on a, yet to be proven, digital marketing plan can be hard to justify. This is especially true for products like SEM and SEO, that can be tricky for even the most tech minded business. Fortunately this didn’t stop Mark Hobden and his general manager Brendan McCormack.

A new approach.

In 2015, the company had grown substantially. However, bringing clients in the door week in, week out, was a constant stress, especially for a business operating from multiple facilities with massive overheads.

After meeting with Yellow Pages Media Sales Advisor – Gerard, both Mark and Brendan felt confident enough to trust Gerard’s recommendations and made a meaningful investment in digital marketing. Then the business held tight. After six months the results started coming in.

Brendan said, “We have gone from running the medium rigid course 3 to 4 times a month, to basically running it every day. So our SEM campaign is actually working. I see it personally from the phones and when I look at the stats.”

They’ve also found they are less prone to dry spells, with January 2018 surprisingly busy, thanks to featuring a special offer in their SEM campaign.

Mark and Brendan’s willingness to trust in digital marketing, especially SEM, has also been recognised by Google. Yellow Pages are currently Google Premier Partner finalists in this year’s Growing Businesses Online category for their work with Advanced Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Centre.

To find out more about the team at AHVDTC, check out their website here.