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This month’s poll

“Can you, or your staff work from home if there’s a Corona lockdown?”

Previous polls

Feb 2020
“Are printed flyers still effective for communicating to your customers?”

Yes: 54%,   No: 46%

Previous polls

Jan 2020
“Have you ever used a professional marketing service?”

Yes: 22%,   No: 68%

Dec 2019
“Do you have any Christmas specials for your customers?”

Yes: 22%,   No: 78%

Nov 2019
“What’s the best way to reach your customers?”

Search Engine: 38%,   Website content: 62%

Oct 2019
“What’s more important to your business, a website blog or a social account?”

Blog: 38%,   Social: 62%

Sep 2019
“Do you find it easy to post ads on Facebook?”

Yes: 52%,   No: 48%

July 2019
“Is it easy for you to make changes to your website?”

Yes: 48%,   No: 52%

June 2019
“Could an EOFY sale work for your business?”

Yes: 43%,   No: 57%

May 2019
“Is your website looking outdated?”

Yes: 46%,   No: 54%

April 2019
“Are you planning to increase your digital marketing budget in the new financial year?”

Yes: 29%,   No: 71%

March 2019
“Do business accreditations bring you more business?”

Yes: 37%,   No: 63%

March 2019
“Does advertising on Facebook directly boost your sales?”

Yes: 32%,   No: 68%

February 2019
“Does local area marketing boost your business?”

Yes: 98%,   No: 2%

January 2019
“Is it important to have a website that is mobile phone friendly”

Yes: 91%,   No: 9%

December 2018
“Are public holidays a marketing opportunity for your business?”

Yes: 32%,   No: 68%

November 2018
“Is it important to know where your website traffic comes from?”

Yes: 71%,   No: 29%

November 2018
“Do you think a website contributes to your bottom line?”

Yes: 59%,   No: 41%

October 2018
“Is it important for your business to be on the first page of a Google search?”

Yes: 68%,   No: 32%

September 2018
“Do you think it’s beneficial for your business to respond to a negative review?”

Yes: 75%,   No: 25%

August 2018
“Research shows businesses on social media who offer giveaways have greater engagement. Would this work for your business?”

Yes: 25%,   No: 75%



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