Free CRM template for small businesses.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the waters of customer relationship management, utilising our free excel customer database template  is a good starting point to begin gathering key data for your business.

Click to download your free CRM template here.

Once you get the hang of compiling and analysing simple customer data, you can import your database into a more sophisticated CRM platform with additional tools like marketing automation and lead management.

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To grow your business, you’ll need a more robust solution that can manage complex data streams in a user-friendly format and help you drive result from your customer relationship efforts.

In the meantime, an Excel-based CRM template can help you organise critical data for each client or customer, including:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Estimated customer or client value
  • Date of last contact
  • Next action to be taken
  • Next date of contact
  • Lead status
  • Lead source i.e. how the person was introduced to your business
  • Notes i.e. anything unique or worth mentioning about a particular customer

As your customer base expands, moving to a sophisticated CRM system will help you manage these details and more without having to input data manually

Ready for a smarter CRM solution?

Pocket Office is Yellow Pages’ CRM and business management platform, designed to give business owners the power to manage their customer communications from end to end. This includes sending invoices, taking online customer bookings 24/7 (housing this information in the platform), setting up appointment reminders, organising staff and creating email marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the ways Pocket Office’s features enable smarter CRM for your business:

Integrated bookings.

From your Yellow Pages Online business listing, to Facebook, to your website- our bookings button can be applied across the internet, so customers can book in real time from anywhere they’re searching. This information is then recorded in Pocket Office and included in your customer’s profile.

Create effective marketing campaigns.

Got a new offer? Create and send a branded email or SMS campaign. Measure success via reporting on open rates and click through.

An easy invoicing system.

Issue quotes, invoices and receipts. Track payment status, send automated payment reminders, collect credit card payments and create discount coupons.

Customer contact details.

Our system automatically (and safely) records any customer who gets in touch online. We then hang onto their details for you.

Stay in touch with your customers.

Group customers’ contact details and booking history in one place. Send out automated reminder texts and emails, thank-you notes and special offers.

Keep track of your calendar.

Integrates easily with your current calendar so you never have to worry about double-booking or losing a booking. Receive booking notifications and check your schedule and your employees’ from your mobile.

Data and performance.

See who’s following you on social or visiting your listing. Get a snapshot of your appointments and history, including no-shows. Pop our smart widget on your site for insights on who’s clicking and buying. Then use this data to shape your email marketing communications.

Put your stamp on it.

Make our templates your own. You can put your branding on all our tech so customers instantly recognise your business.  

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Yellow Pages' Pocket Office is the all-in-one customer relationship management tool for small business.

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