Case Study: Allstate Pest Control & Hygiene Services.

Operating since 1986, Allstate Pest Control in Adelaide, SA has had a long partnership with Yellow, listing in Yellow Pages from the beginning, and adding a range of digital products over the years, including Yellow Online, SEM, SEO and Yellow Social Ads.

Business snapshot

Business name:
Allstate Pest Control & Hygiene Services
Cleaning Services
Operating since:
Adelaide, SA
Yellow products:
Yellow Online Yellow SEM Yellow SEO Yellow Social Ads

To find out how one of our long standing customers is operating in the current economic climate, we talked to Chief Executive Officer, Vasili Tsoutouras about his business, how Yellow has helped, and what his marketing plans are for the future.

Building a strong relationship.

Responding to a changing world in terms of marketing has been key to Allstate’s success, and Yellow has played a big role in introducing digital products to the mix.

Asked about the performance of the Yellow products, Vasili says, “Well, we track our results down to a cost per phone call and the value is most certainly there. Hence our strong relationship with our Yellow rep, David Costi, and with Tony Nicosia before that.”

And how important is digital marketing to the business? “It’s a no brainer, right?” says Vasili. “Without it, what would you have?”

Adapting to COVID-19.

While the need for pest control never ends, Allstate has definitely felt some ripple effects from the lockdown: “It’s impacted everyone and everything. Within our business, we’ve had wins and losses. I think in the end it’s hard to see a future where we don’t feel some sort of impact.”

Allstate has largely used social media and their CRM software to communicate with customers throughout the lockdown and, with Yellow’s help, have pivoted their social and SEM messaging to “meet the ‘new normal’ and in-demand services”.

As part of Allstate’s proactive response to COVID-19, they launched a new disinfection services campaign when the virus surfaced in March – the first business to launch the service in SA.

A corresponding page was added to Allstate’s website and the focus of both Yellow SEM and Yellow Digital Display products was changed to ‘disinfection services’, to further drive enquiries as demand for the service grows.

Has the new approach been successful? “Yes,” says Vasili. “ And I wish we’d always been as active on social as we are now – it’s been a big winner!”

And looking to the future?

While Vasili acknowledges there are always bumps involved in introducing new products into a marketing strategy, he attributes much of Allstate’s success to his strong relationship with Yellow.

“David and I are always talking,” he says. “Our plans are ever evolving.”

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