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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works to place your website at the top of relevant organic search results. Unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM), where you pay to own keywords, SEO is a long-term strategy that optimises your entire website and grows your audience over time.

Yellow are experts in SEO, utilising keywords, quality content and backlinks to push our customers' sites to the top of local search results. Find out how a Yellow SEO package can help grow your business online today.

There are over 60,000 searches
per second on Google1

90% of the keywords
we have been working on for 6 months or more are appearing on page one of Google2

70% of links
that users click are organic, not ads3

Humans make the difference.

Google is said to make between 500 to 600 algorithm updates each year. A machine can detect these changes, however it takes expert human knowledge to understand relevancy. Our team have been living and breathing SEO since 2009, so we know when an update will have an impact on our customers’ search ranking and are able to quickly adjust our strategy.

Much more than keywords.

While keywords are an essential component of SEO (and are probably the easiest to undersand), they’re only part of what Google looks for. Unique, relevant, regular content and backlinks from popular and respected sites make up the remainder. Yellow is across all of this.

  • We vet every keyword before using it on your site
  • We focus on link building with a huge network of available resources
  • Our content creators know what Google trusts

All our SEO packages come with:

An initial consultation call so we can understand your business and tailor your campaign

100% transparency - monthly reporting so you can see the work we’ve been doing

Regular strategy consultations (excluding 250)

Creation of Google My Business listing

Phone and email support

Google Analytics set up and installation

Key Terms - All prices include GST. Minimum Period of 6 or 12 months apply. After the Minimum Period, your product will continue to be supplied at the latest price until cancelled. Set-up fees are non-refundable. You’re responsible for notifying us if you change your contact details. You can cancel at any time in writing or by phoning us and we’ll action it within 14 days. Cancellation fees apply if you cancel during the minimum period. The full terms that apply to Yellow SEO are here. Yellow SEO is an alternative name for Sensis Search Engine Optimisation.

Sources -
1. (as of 23/08/2018 @ 2.18pm)
2. 90% of keywords we have been working on for 6 months or more are appearing on page one of Google

Street Talk: SEO.

Everyday consumers and their thoughts on: the first page of Google search results.


(AKA – Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation is when you use a number of practices to ensure your business appears in Google’s top - unpaid - search results.

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Top FAQs.

How long does SEO take to get results?
SEO is a long term strategy that will deliver consistent benefits into the future. Typically it starts to kick in within 6 months of implementation. Some SEO improvements can occur quickly and others slowly depending on the keywords being used, industries and general competitiveness. Yellow's highly experienced and skilled SEO Account Managers will always provide you with an honest estimation of how long any given keyword may take to gain traction in market.

Yellow is one of Australia’s biggest SEO providers. Over 1,300 small businesses trust on Yellow to literally stay on top of Search Engines. Our tailored approach means that we set up a unique strategy to suit and grow your business. You can also expect full transparency with our expert SEO team making notes of the work activities they complete, update to your keywords and online presence, so you’ll be able to see how many pieces of content have been written for your site, what tasks have been completed, what tasks are still in the queue, and the percentage of tasks completed toward your current strategy.

We start by doing a consultation call with you to assist us in completing thorough research to help us find the very best keywords for your business.

Depending on your website, we will complete some code optimisation to ensure your website is SEO compliant.

We also create and maintain relevant business profiles on some of the most trusted Google business directories.

Creating high quality content to keep your website up-to-date and at the top of search engines usually comes next.

We provide you with reports that show you at-a-glance how your campaign is performing as well as an in-depth review of all the work we’ve done on your behalf.

*Tier and customer goal dependent

Let’s get your SEO sorted.

Book in a call to find out how Yellow can create an SEO strategy that helps you stand out from your competition and reach the audience you want to target. Or you can contact sales directly on 132 489 and customer support on 1800 359 321.

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