Checklist: Your ultimate guide to working from home.

For some, working from home is a piece of cake. But for the majority of us, working remotely takes some getting used to—particularly if you’re used to dealing with customers face-to-face in a physical store.

During COVID-19, you’ll probably find yourself working from home more often. It’s a tricky adjustment to make, but don’t worry! We’re here to lend a helping hand. We’ve put together a handy working from home checklist to help you stay productive (and sane!) during lockdown.

Just click on the image to download and print a copy of the checklist, so you can tick off our suggestions as you go.*

How to collaborate while working remotely.

If you’re a sole trader or running on a skeleton crew during COVID-19, it’s easier to keep your productivity in check. But if your employees are also working online, it helps to set some ground rules to keep the team’s spirits—and their productivity—as high as possible.

For example, kick off the day with a 15-minute Zoom catch-up to check in with everyone and set the tone for the day. Create projects on Asana or Trello with set due dates and use Slack to share the latest news, ask questions and brainstorm ideas together.

Also, while it’s tempting to check in regularly to make sure everyone is on track, try to resist the urge to do it too often. This might distract them from the task at hand or, in the worst case scenario, could even be interpreted as you not trusting them.

Above all else …

There’s no denying it: it’ll take time to find your groove when working from home. However, with the right tools, a clear routine and a good work-life balance, you’ll get more out of the day. And who knows … you might even enjoy it!

Download your copy of the checklist here.

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*We endeavour to provide accurate material for Australian businesses consistent with Australian Government Health and Safety Guidelines. However, this material is for reference only and is not designed to be, nor should it be regarded as professional advice.