Small business hero of the month – Roy Matani Beauty & Massage.

As many business owners have experienced, when you get that itch to follow your dreams and start up shop, it’s hard to ignore. As was the case for Sophie, who after plenty of research and deliberation, bit the bullet, resigned from her job and started Roy Matani Beauty & Massage.

The long haul.

Building the business and establishing a consistent client roster took time and there were often periods when Sophie wondered if she’d done the right thing. However, after plenty of hard work, some sleepless nights and a willingness to learn and adjust her business plan accordingly, Sophie’s now at the point where she’s thinking about employing a staff member and extending her marketing.

Start-up marketing.

Sophie’s currently using a Yellow Pages Online listing to showcase her business. This is a great way for new businesses to get picked up in Google searches, as Google favours Yellow Pages Online listings to power its business search results. Sophie has also incorporated Pocket Office into her listing, so customers can book her services on the spot. Sophie’s next move is to create her own website where she can showcase her services in detail and even sell product to boost her profits.

Next move?

Sophie’s at an exciting time with her business, as she now has the client base and confidence to take it to the next level. She also has a clear understanding of how important marketing is in achieving this. You can hear more about Sophie’s story in our Do More Business web series. Click to check it out.