Small business hero of the month – Anthony Lieu.

As part of our sponsorship of Melbourne’s recent B2B Expo, we were excited to present LegalVision Head of Marketing, Anthony Lieu with the Yellow Pages Excellence in Marketing award. An marketing lead in his field, Anthony uses a mix of innovative digital marketing solutions teamed with a respect for his audiences’ behaviours and needs, to tailor his approach.

Describe your role?

I lead a team that brings together lawyers, growth marketers, developers and analysts who are identifying client opportunities online and breaking down barriers to accessible legal information. We’ve been named the fastest growing law firm in the Asia-Pacific by the Financial Times.

Why did you enter in the B2B Expo Awards?

The B2B Expo is one of Australia’s biggest business-to-business expos. The awards are an excellent opportunity to learn about the work of other businesses and thought leaders in the industry.

How has digital worked for your business?

Unlike any other law firm in Australia, we acquire the majority of our clients through digital channels – focusing on content marketing and paid advertising. In the past 12 months, we have continued to build our free content library of legal resources. We now receive over 15,000 visitors a day reading our 4,000 free articles.

Any marketing trends you have your eye on?

I have my eye on video, but I avoid blindly following any new marketing trend without first running a pilot. For example, video marketing has generated plenty of buzz in the past few years. However, in the B2B professional services industry, we’ve seen written content outperform video in terms of engagement and conversion. Not every marketing channel will be suitable for your target audience so it’s essential you know how they search for and consume your content.

Any advice for small businesses and their digital marketing?

Focus on your key channels that you know perform well and ensure every customer has an exceptional experience. As a small business, don’t adopt every trend or channel for the sake of it – research what other sites your customers browse and concentrate your efforts on the channels you know that work.