How to get digital marketing help without blowing your budget.

A solid 21st-century marketing plan will include a number of digital elements, as customers turn to the web for everything from reviews, to product information, to contact details.

Your presence online is vital, and while it’s one thing to be on top of your bookings, communications, and calendars on the web (Pocket Office has you sorted for all that and more), it’s another to proactively improve your digital marketing. But if you’re not ready, or don’t have the budget to bring on a full-time digital marketer, here are a few easy ways to ramp up your online advertising and strategy (affordably):

Use freelancers.

You don’t have to hire someone full time to enjoy the services of a digital marketing pro.

Collaborating with an expert is a great way to infuse your invaluable company knowledge with an individual who’s an expert in their field. This allows you to pick and choose which aspects you need the most.

For example, perhaps you already have a good idea for your company blog, but just need a content writer to create it. 

There are plenty of contractors, who are happy to work with you on particular projects, just make sure you choose someone with a proven track record working with a business like yours. 

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Improve your digital marketing skills online.

Search engine marketing, social media, and other realms of digital marketing can be tricky, but thanks to the online world, there’s a how-to guide for just about everything. 

If you’re willing to put in the hours, you can find an online digital marketing course where you can learn the basics to improve your business’ strategy, without having to hire a full-time expert.

Bring in an intern.

Finding an intern can mean an extra set of eyes and hands to help with your digital marketing, and while you should expect to reimburse them for their time in some way, they won’t cost nearly as much as a seasoned professional.

Get in touch with local universities and colleges to see if any marketing students would be interested in real-world experience and training. This arrangement can work particularly well if you’re looking to hire full time within a year, so the intern could work with you on part-time basis until their studies are complete.

Leave it to a team of experts.

Rather than bringing in a freelancer for one-off or specialised jobs, you can outsource to a digital marketing agency. This ensures you’re getting a full suite of marketing resources at your disposal. While a contractor might be an expert at social posts, this doesn’t mean they can help with your SEO or website.

And while you may only want to use a digital agency for their website expertise, they should still be able to offer the whole suite of digital marketing tools. So, if one day you choose to add an additional product to your strategy, the agency can do this seamlessly while delivering a consistent experience for your customers.

It also means you’re not stuck with a product that doesn’t work. If your results aren’t meeting your goals, it’s easy for an agency to reassess your strategy and implement a different product to help reach your targets. 

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From search engine marketing to digital display, if a digital marketing agency sounds like the go for you, Yellow Pages offers a full suite of products and services that can take this task off your hands, so you’ll have more time to focus on your own products and services.