5 ways to make sure your display ads deliver.

Are your display ads doing their job?

Probably the most common type of online advertising, these visual ad formats can include text, images, video and gifs. They show up in front of users on websites, apps, and social media in a range of shapes and sizes – from the traditional banner across the top of the page, to skyscrapers and in-text formats.

Usually managed through the Google Display Network (GDN), display ads can be a great way to get in front of new audiences or remind past customers about your products or services.

But, if your ads aren’t aimed at the right people, are lacking crucial elements or are too cluttered, you could be missing the best returns.

Here’s how to get display advertising right:

1. Make it personal.

How do you stand out from the online ad crowd? Personalisation is one piece of the puzzle. According to one study, ads with personal elements or products aimed at the consumer are ten times more likely to be clicked than generic ones. This means it’s worth trying tactics such as retargeting, which uses browsing data to show customers products they have already viewed or searched for.

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2. Add video, sound and responsive elements.

Traditional display ads are just an image and short text – newer versions can include video, sound and elements that move or expand when the user hovers over the ad. These features, called rich media, can help make your ads more engaging. They’re also a way to jump on the video content bandwagon. In 2022, for example, an incredible 82% of web traffic came from video.

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3. Keep it simple.

Display ads must be simple, straightforward and to the point – they’re not the place for clever wordplay or vague hints. Show the benefits of your service or product, and then tell people what you want them to do with a strong call to action (CTA).

4. Stay focused.

When you have a whole range of unique benefits, it’s tempting to shove them all into every ad, but that’s a recipe for cluttered ads that will only serve to confuse your audience. Instead, focus on a single benefit or feature and include the in-depth details on your landing page.

5. Test, tweak, test.

The bad news? You can’t just create a batch of display ads and let them run forever. The good news? Digital ad platforms like the Google Display Network include built-in tools and automation to help you optimise your ad content, so they’ll be more successful in the long run.

When you launch a campaign, test out different versions and placements and tweak as you go. This could mean removing less-effective ads, adjusting your target audience or changing your keywords.

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