11 examples of successful holiday marketing campaigns.

The Christmas holiday season is a time for family, gift giving and present purchasing! While your business may offer services to your customers rather than products, it can’t hurt to get creative and have a bit of fun with your own marketing pieces for the holidays.

For inspiration, here are some of our favourite holiday and Christmas marketing campaigns from recent years, including the reasons each of them hit the mark.

1. Electrical Safety Foundation International.

Not-for-profit organisation Electrical Safety Foundation International capitalised on the holiday season with a cleverly themed infographic on preventing fires during the holiday season.

Why it works:

  • Visually engaging holiday theme
  • Genuinely useful information
  • Socially shareable format


2. Greencross Vets.

For the 2017 Christmas season, Greencross Vets teamed up with the Petbarn Foundation to help raise funds for animals in need at rescue centres around Australia. In exchange for a small donation, customers sent a Christmas decoration to hang on the tree at home.

Why it works:

  • Great for brand goodwill and positioning
  • Rewards customers for participating
  • Highly targeted towards the brand’s specific audience


3. Teleflora.

For Mother’s Day in 2018, Teleflora released a series of 60-second videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram titled ‘Love Makes a Mom’, celebrating the unconditional love that unifies all Mums. The campaign was part of Teleflora’s broader ‘Love Out Loud’ campaign, which was accompanied by a massive wall of flowers in Washington, D.C.

Why it works:

  • Great combination of online-offline marketing
  • Subtly ties back to Teleflora’s products
  • Shares real peoples’ stories

4. ALDI.

Aussie Christmas campaign powerhouse ALDI was back in 2018 with a festive video campaign featuring Santa Claus crashing his sleigh in Australia’s outback as he builds fences, shears sheep, drinks at the pub and runs away from a snake.

ALDI’s ‘Santa Crashes Christmas’ campaign saw Santa spend Christmas in the bush with a rural community as they work together to create a Christmas feast for Santa and repair his sleigh.

Why it works:

  • Plays on Australian traditions, pulling the heartstrings of their local audience.
  • The campaign content was humorous and playful.
  • Subtly showcases ALDI’s products and offerings.


5. Food52.

Online food community and recipe website Food52 celebrated cultural diversity and all things delicious with its Cookies of the World holiday campaign, featuring cookie recipes from 32 countries around the globe. The landing page attracted a huge amount of interest, generating over 57,000 engagements on social media.

Why it works:

  • Appeals to a specific audience which promotes sharing across social profiles and through the foodie community.
  • Has global appeal to reach all the foodie communities around the world.
  • Provides genuinely useful content.


6. Dymocks.

For the 2018 holiday season, Dymocks ran a successful email marketing campaign with a limited-time offer for subscribers. In a smart move, the promotion ran during the last week of November – earlier than many other Christmas offers – enabling the brand to get ahead of competitors.

Why it works:

  • Great use and amplification of their rewards/discount offers.
  • The campaign was clear and simply laid out.
  • Strategically timed to catch their customers as they were doing their Christmas shopping.


7. General Pants Co.

In 2014, General Pants Co. renamed itself to General Peace Co. for Christmas, and pledged to donate 100% of the proceeds from its campaign-specific t-shirts to Save the Children Australia and Oasis. They reached out to celebrities like Anthony Kiedis, Daniel Johns, Angus & Julia Stone, Rachel Zoe and others to spread the message. To encourage engagement, General Pants Co. offered prizes to their customers who posted a photo with the hashtag #GivePeace.

Why it works:

  • Great for brand image and recognition by tying in social media engagement and amplification.
  • Encourages goodwill among their audience.
  • The campaign had celebrity and influencer appeal.


8. Office Depot.

Elf Yourself is a recurring holiday campaign created by US stationery giant Office Depot, which lets users create elves using pictures of themselves. Since 2006, users have created over one billion elves using the site and app. Users can also share their creations on social media, along with the hashtag #ElfYourself.

Why it works:

  • Fun and engaging for their consumers to share among family and friends.
  • Encourages user participation through an interactive interface.
  • An ideal format for social media sharing.


9. Pedigree.

In 2018, Pedigree launched the Christmas video campaign ‘The Season of Good Dog’. The ad follows the story of ‘Good Dog’, who arrives at a family’s home as a Christmas gift and upon seeing the holiday celebrations around him, mistakenly believes it’s all for him. This type of campaign is perfect around Christmas as it matches the touching and uplifting spirit of the holiday season.

Why it works:

  • Heart-warming and emotionally appealing.
  • Clever relationship between product and theme.
  • Humorous, which makes for a great social sharing opportunity.


10. Uber.

In 2017, Uber Australia, along with DrinkWise, launched Ghost with Uber to help people avoid the peer pressure to keep drinking at holiday parties. The feature allowed users to message friends after leaving, letting them know they’ve ‘ghosted’ for the night.

Why it works:

  • Taps into a unique holiday angle for a brand that otherwise isn’t holiday centric.
  • Drives positive customer sentiment by helping to solve a real problem.
  • Co-branding with DrinkWise enabled the brand to tap into a wider customer base.


 11. Hinge.

For Thanksgiving in the US, dating app Hinge launched an email campaign asking customers what they’re thankful for, all while using the opportunity to tout their recent rebrand and success. This type of eDM is a simple yet genius idea; it created an opportunity for Hinge users to engage with the brand through minimal effort, often with just a one or two word response.

Why it works:

  • Touches on sentimentality without being over-the-top.
  • Clever way to share the company’s successes and rebranding.
  • Encourages customer engagement.

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