Marketing Jargon Buster: Long-tail keywords

What are ‘long-tail keywords’?

Long-tail keywords are more specific keyword search phrases that people tend to use when they are close to the point of purchasing a product or service, or when they are using voice search. Long-tail keywords are also used a lot in local searches, highlighting the need for your business to have good local SEO.

Examples of long-tail keywords:

  • ’24 hour blocked drain plumber in Geelong’
  • ’emergency drain plumber near me’
  • ‘drain blockage specialist Geelong West’
  • ‘experienced drain plumber near me’, etc.

A group of long-tail keywords are often used to create cost-effective SEM campaigns. Rather than competing for the word ‘plumber’, which is always going to be more expensive, your business can focus on cheaper long-tail keyword options, such as ‘drain blockage specialist Geelong West’.

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Similarly, factoring long-tail keywords into your SEO means that you will be targeting customers who are actively shopping for what you provide, and what areas you provide it to.