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Yellow Flyers.

Looking to reward your customers with a special offer or expand your business into new areas? A Yellow Flyer letterbox campaign is a great way to build brand awareness and target new customers, putting you right in front of the people who need your services.

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Letterbox audience
reached 20.3 million
in 2018 1


33% purchased
within 7 days
of a catalogue or letter drop 1


86% of women
bought an item or service
after seeing it in a catalogue 1

Yellow Flyer advertising.

Advertise to your targeted household postcodes with the Yellow Flyer to:

  • Promote your business in new areas and expand your customer base
  • Advertise a new service, special offer or discount
  • Take advantage of seasonal trends to attract more business at key times of the year
  • Increase brand awareness to new residents
  • Align your print and online marketing strategies for maximum impact

Over 1,200 postcodes to target.

Yellow's print buying power and industry connections give you the benefit of a cost-effective marketing solution and a choice of:

  • 4 different flyer sizes (DL, DLX, A5 or A4)
  • 3 different paper qualities (80gsm, 150gsm or 250gsm)
  • Over 1,200 postcodes available nationally across Australia
  • Delivery by a network of walkers used by major retailers or via Australia Post

Top tips for making the most of your flyers.

  • Advertise in areas where you, your employees, contractors or franchise operators live to lower operating costs.
  • Understand the postcode audience and ask: Do I want to target old or new postcodes? What age group and income bracket should I focus on?
  • Target postcodes where you have a digital presence, so your flyer is both a potential direct lead and a sign post to your website.
  • Ensure consistency in your printed brand and digital presence to maximise results.
    • Silver

    • Catalogue distribution channel

      • 12 Product configurations
      • 3 Paper options: 80 gsm, 150gsm, 250gsm
      • 4 Size options: A4, A5, DL, DLX
    • Gold

    • Australia Post distribution channel

      • 2 Product configurations
      • Paper: 250gsm
      • 2 Size options: DL, DLX
    • Platinum

    • Australia Post distribution channel

      • 1 Product configuration
      • Paper: 250gsm
      • Size: DL
      • Magent: (Rounded corners, loose inserted)
      • Packaged in biodegradable plastic wrap

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based on the product and postcodes you wish to select.

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Key Terms - All prices include GST. The Sensis Customer Terms apply to the Yellow Flyers product. You agree to work proactively with Yellow to have your flyer designed and approved within two weeks of purchase. The contract is for a single delivery of materials and does not create an agreement of ongoing supply. You acknowledge that we will not deliver to letterboxes displaying a ‘no advertising material’ sign or similar, and that not all residential addresses are accessible. You accept that there may be slight variations in the distribution of your product due to a variety of circumstances including adverse weather conditions and lack of deliverers.

Top FAQs.

Which distributors does Yellow work with?

We offer flyer distribution through either the Australia Post or Catalogue distribution channels. Catalogue distribution involves a network of walkers distributing major retail catalogues.

Yes, in fact statistics show that 86% of women in the age range of 18 to 30 say they have bought an item after seeing it in a catalogue.

Yellow has the industry connections to get into the national catalogue channel used by major FMCG. This means nationally:

  • 1,388 postcodes with the ability to quote at suburb level in some areas
  • 6.6 million circulation nationally

We have a variety of product options to suit your budget, from our Basic product up to the Platinum, which includes a DL flyer and a business sized fridge magnet, all wrapped in bio-degradable plastic.

How to book your Yellow Flyer:

  1. Enter your contact details and request a call back.
  2. Our sales team will call you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a personalised quote.
  3. Once your ad is finalised, they will be delivered by your chosen delivery channel, at the time you have chosen.

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*7% discount when distributed by Australia Post and 14% discount on Catalogue Distribution.