Do More Business – web series.

Presented by Tim Reid - the host of The Small Business Big Marketing Show (Australia's #1 small business podcast) - this series explores the joys, challenges and opportunities that come with being your own boss. Tune in below.

Episode 1

The Coffee Company.

After years of working 70 hour weeks, Marlon and Joe, have a successful coffee roasting set-up. Tim shows the brothers how to continue growing the business without spending so much time in the business.

Episode 2

Roy Matani Beauty & Massage.

Recently making the life-changing decision to quit her job and start a business, Sophie's ready to kick into phase two. From SEM, to selling product, Tim offers up insightful marketing advice.

Episode 3


A one-stop-shop for a greener home, G-Store's owner Dion has tapped into a booming market. Tim explores ways Dion can connect with customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Episode 4

Omzen Electric.

This young sparkie is running an impressive business. Tim explores ways the business can build on its success and continue to expand.

Episode 5

At Home Style.

Meet Tamara and Angie, owners of budding interior design business - At Home Style. Tim talks cash flow, a test and learn approach to digital marketing, plus more.

Episode 6


Tim chats with Dishlickers owner Rachel about the challenges and highs of running a booming dog grooming service and how to market untapped opportunities within the business.

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