Meet the team. Aldo DePace – Design Lead.

Everyone business needs a great designer and Yellow is no different. As part of the marketing team Aldo works on design for Yellow eDMs, eBooks, our website, what you’re reading now, and many other elements. Dealing with multiple requests and tight deadlines, Aldo fills us in on what it’s like at his desk.

What type of design do you do for Yellow?

I work across a huge range of pieces, from emails to online banner ads to eBooks to social media posts – the list goes on. Marketing is very different to what it was like when I first began in the industry. Back then, it was pretty much creating design for ads in magazines, brochures and outdoor billboards – that’s all completely changed now.

What do you enjoy working on the most?

I’ve created an illustration style that we’re starting to role out across our email marketing and I really enjoy this. The style is fun and works well with the Yellow brand. I’ve even created a little illustration of myself that seems to pop up in a quite a few of my designs. Completely unintentional, of course. It’s kind of like spot Aldo – see if you can!

How do Yellow customers influence your design style?

Working in the marketing department I’ve come to get a good understanding of who the Yellow advertisers are. They’re hard working, proud business owners who have a lot on their plate and look to Yellow to take care of one aspect of their business – digital marketing. This really influences my design work here, as I make sure everything I create is clear and simple while playing off the progressive spirit that it takes to become a small business owner.

What’s your biggest challenge in the workplace?

This is probably most people’s challenge at work – meeting the many daily requests while still maintaining a high quality standard of output. I make sure I’m organised and I sometimes have to do a bit of investigative work to find out how urgent something actually is. Hint – buying me a coffee helps me prioritise!

Have you ever run a small business?

I did freelance graphic design work from home for a while. It was when I was in the middle of building my house, out in the country. So I had to be on site a lot of the time, but still needed to make an income. It was challenging dealing with the paperwork and tax that come with running a business but I really enjoyed the freedom.

Any marketing tips for the new year?

Get on social and keep your message clear and simple.




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