Meet Sam Sforza – Yellow Pages Technology Manager.

Tech can be tricky. Not for Sam. He’s one of those people that speak tech. And since Italian is his first language, this is even more impressive.

Describe your role.

I basically look after the website for our advertisers, and our CRM system and other cool techy things we use in the marketing space at Yellow Pages.

You’re originally from Italy. Was it a big transition to move to Yellow Pages?

It was definitely a big move…. after working in Italy, building computer hardware from scratch, I decided to embark on the Australian adventure. I  didn’t speak a word of English, but still . I arrived in Sydney on a working holiday, got a job in an Italian restaurant in Darling Harbour (classic…) and 4 years later I was still in Australia when I landed a role at Yellow Pages. Been here ever since.

What’s your favourite Yellow Pages product?

I know it might be a cliché, but my favourite product is Yellow Pages Online. There’s this perception in the market that Yellow Pages is obsolete and people are only using search engines to find what they need; many don’t realise that more often than not what they find via Google is a business listed on our Yellow Pages Online platform.

Why should small business embrace the online world?

Let’s put it this way… I’m in my late 30s and don’t have a wallet. Everything I need (including money, personal ID, etc..) is in my phone. I believe the expectation these days is to be able to do almost anything online and if small business embrace the digital world it ensures they can be found anytime and more importantly be “convenient” for the consumer.

What’s the most annoying thing about technology?

Definitely passwords !!! Omg, how many times do we forget our password, go and reset it just to find out you don’t even know your user name anymore. Not to mention setting up one: are least 1 Uppercase, symbols (but not numbers), numbers (but not symbols)….Finger prints and face recognition are alleviating the hassle in some space, but seriously, there has to be a better way 🙂

What’s on the radar at Yellow Pages?

We’re working tirelessly on our website which is key to ensure customers know who we are and what we do. We’re are expanding our CRM (customer relationships management) platform to provide a great experience and improve the way we communicate to our customers.