Meet James Hutchison – Yellow Media Sales Advisor.

James Hutchison is at the forefront of the Yellow team, working directly with customers to ensure they’re using the best digital marketing tools to achieve their business goals. A digital media specialist with a passion for SEO, SEM, websites and social media, James creates tailor made solutions for businesses so they can stand out online and connect with more customers.

Why did you decide to join the Yellow team?

I wanted to put my experience with SEO and Google Ads to good use. As an organisation that works with so many businesses, Yellow had all the tools and resources I was looking for.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The best part of my job is speaking to different business owners each day. They are all so passionate about what they do. This direct contact keeps me tuned into the reality of what it’s like to run a business and ensures I’m providing these guys with solutions tailored to their specific needs.

What’s the biggest challenge of your role?

A lot of business owners aren’t aware of the countless ways I can help them. From helping them to claim their Google My Business account to creating an ROI-driven Google Ads campaign, there’s so much more to Yellow than the print directory.

What’s a digital trend you’re loving at the moment?

Artificial intelligence! It can assist business in so many ways now, from completing research for customers, to helping run the most successful Google Ads campaign possibleAt Yellow we use AI in a range of ways to help maximise our digital marketing products’ potential. Of course you’ve got to balance this with HI – human intelligence! Which is what we do at Yellow. We team our marketing knowledge, years of experience and understanding of what it means to be a small business operating in Australia, with the latest tech to deliver the best results for customers.

What’s your favourite Yellow product?

You can’t beat Yellow Search Ads. Everyone from a one-man lawn mowing business to a large, corporate air-conditioning manufacturer can benefit from a Yellow Search Ad. It’s a product that provides massive flexibility, allowing us to provide the best result for businesses – large and small.




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