Download your Australian events calendar 2020.

Download calendar of events 2020.

It’s the first year of the decade, and it’s already brimming with countless events and celebrations, both here in Australia and around the world.

To help you keep track of it all, we’ve put together an Australian events calendar for 2020, with all significant Australian events, as well as a number of smaller dates you may not have heard of.

Days of awareness.

This includes national awareness days in Australia 2020, such as Clean Up Australia Day and Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, but also adds days that are important internationally, such as World Water Day and Earth Hour.

Cultural events.

Move to the second tab of our calendar of events 2020 Australia, and you’ll find a comprehensive guide to important cultural dates and events both here Down Under and around the world.

Cultural events in 2020 include major sporting competitions such as the US Open and the English Premier League. This section also includes fashion events, music festivals, and other major cultural celebrations.

Financial year events.

In the final tab, you’ll find a selection of special days in Australia in 2020 related to the financial year. While perhaps less exciting than school holidays or Coachella, these dates are extremely important when it comes to making tax payments and other submissions on time.

In the New Year, you can use this calendar of Australian events to note down or add reminders for key events you need to keep in mind. Or, simply refer back to the calendar at the start of each month to see what’s coming up soon.

And if you think we’re missing any major events in Australia in 2020, let us know so we can continue to improve this handy calendar and add more important dates for next year.

No matter your favourite events or most anticipated sporting competitions, have a fantastic start to the decade and we hope you find this calendar of events helpful throughout the year.

Download calendar of events 2020.