Christmas 2018: Your step by step marketing plan.

So this is Christmas… well not really, but trust us – it’ll be here before you know it! That means if you’ve got marketing strategies on your to-do list, your Christmas marketing plan should be top of the agenda.

As a business owner or business decision-maker, you’ve probably got minus 853 hours of spare time at the moment, which is why we’ve put together this step by step guide to help you create a Christmas marketing plan.

Go forth, and may your Christmas marketing plan prosper!

With a little bit of forward planning and creative thinking, your Chrissy campaign can run to plan and get you some favourable results for your business.

Top Christmas marketing plan tip:

Take a look at previous years’ marketing plans to see what lessons you can learn for this year. Tools like BuzzSumo are great for gauging social engagement, while Google Analytics is useful for reviewing spikes in traffic to your website.




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