6 ways to maximise positive reviews of your business.

If you’ve got some spare time over the holidays, this is a great opportunity to maximise your positive reviews. Did you know that 73% of consumers will trust a company more if they find it has positive reviews? And that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a friend or family member?

The power of a positive review is wonderful in its own right. Optimising great customer feedback even further can turn this feedback into a valuable commodity. Here’s how: 

1. Share it on your social platforms.

A simple and easy option is to share the review on your social media platforms. You can create a cool graphic with the text to highlight it, or share it as it is. Be sure to thank your happy customer and only share their name or handle (social profile our username) with their permission.

2. Add it to your website landing pages.

With so many customers heading to your website before making a purchase, it makes sense to add any stellar reviews to your landing page/s. You can add a single review to your home page (and switch this out semi-regularly), or create a landing page purely dedicated to great feedback from happy clients.

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3. Respond – with a small reward.

Some companies tend to forget about a customer once the sale has been made, but following up with positive reinforcement can do wonders on many levels. Can you offer this happy client a small reward, such as a discount on their next purchase, a voucher, or a freebie?

Respond to their feedback, and make a public offer of a small reward – either by responding directly to the review, or via your website or social media. Not only will your customer feel cherished but other members of the public will see your response as well, and may be encouraged to leave a glowing review for your brand too.

4. Put on your marketing hat.

You’ve already found a very happy customer, so it won’t take a data analyst to tell you that they’re more likely to purchase from you again – or to at least refer a new customer to you – than a stranger on the street.

Reply to their comment with a hint of marketing. You could suggest a similar product they might like, tell them you’d love it if they told their friends and family, or suggest signing up to a newsletter so that they don’t miss out on new products. Tailor it to their review and don’t overdo the sales pitch to keep it sincere and thankful.

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5. Ask for even more feedback.

Happy customers with positive attitudes who are willing to give great feedback are rare, so don’t miss your opportunity to ask for just a few more of their thoughts. Let them know you’re happy they loved your product and took the time to review it, then ask if they have any suggestions for how your product or service could be even better.

Constructive feedback may help you find new ways to improve the customer experience that no one might have bothered to mention. This is a good way to maximise positive reviews that may have been made a while ago. If you use the reviews feature on your Yellow Pages Online listing, check back to look for positive reviews and then contact the reviewer and follow the process above. 

6. Optimise it for search.

Looking to pick up your search engine optimisation (SEO) game? Respond to the review with a few basic keywords as naturally as possible. For example, you can thank them for their feedback, then mention the company name and how you certainly think you offer the best in [city/town] and you’re glad that they agree.

A positive review, presumably with a keyword or two already thrown in there, coupled with a targeted keyword or two of your own, could help your rankings.

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